W6XU 40m Yagi

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The 40m yagi is on a 2nd tower at 90 ft. It is a temporary installation of Rohn 25G, guyed at 30/60/90. Two sets of guys are anchored to redwood trees, the third to a large screw-in ground anchor. The base is a platform made of pressure treated 4x6's bolted together and staked in place with rebar.

Here I am assembling the M2 40M4. This antenna is a 4 element 40m yagi where both center elements are driven, similar to a log periodic. The boom length is 42 ft and the elements are shortened with linear loading to about 50 ft each.

Al K6MXI (left), Bob K6QXY (center) and I (under) make final adjustments, torque a few bolts and brush some joints with Noalox to finish the assembly.

That morning I was clearing weeds from our work area with the lawn mower when I ran over a nest of yellow jackets. I left the mower behind as a swarm of angry bees chased me. I outran all but two of them. Al is helping me correctly tension the guys. The redwood tree makes a sturdy anchor.

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